About US

VitaminOcean is an online e-commerce marketplace of JNS Beauty and Nutrition. With a primary vision of providing high quality nutritional products, JNS Beauty & Nutrition started building its roots by offering wholesale distribution and e-commerce sales of vitamins, dietary supplements, organic food products, personal care and professional beauty care products primarily in, but not limited to, New York Metropolitan and Tristate region.

With over 5 years of experience under our belt, we are a single source provider of top notch natural supplements and products. At JNS Beauty & Nutrition, we bring our diverse experience and expertise in the field of healthcare which gives us an unmatched understanding of the complex and volatile healthcare landscape.

We take great pride in offering the highest level of customer satisfaction to the clients we serve. Our comprehensive range of diet supplements and products enables us to provide exceptional level of service to our customers.

Our Mission

“Nature has a cure for everything.”

At JNS Beauty & Nutrition, our mission is to offer high quality natural products at affordable prices. Since natural products have minimum or no side effects compared to prescription drugs; we aim to increase the reach of natural products to end users and raise awareness about their benefits amongst consumers.

Our Products

The Company's portfolio of products lists more than 10,000 branded items including major categories of vitamins, dietary supplements, organic food products, personal care and professional beauty care products.

Our Philosophy

Look Good, Feel Good!

At JNS Beauty & Nutrition, we understand that most of our food choices—the food we eat every day—is not healthy, whether it’s because of a sedentary lifestyle, an unplanned busy period, hectic schedule or just because we’re used to eating this kind of food, the meals we consume are not doing us any good.

Wired up in our busy schedules, we do not always have the luxury to sit down and plan our meals, but our body still needs good food that’s nutrition rich and delicious to keep us healthy. To help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing natural products such as dietary supplements and organic food products formulated keeping the highest standards of quality in consideration.

What makes us Different?

  • We are a company with several years of industry experience.
  • We have a dedicated team of experts that are well recognized within the industry.
  • To keep pace with changing healthcare conditions, our experts undergo continual training and education.

The natural products and supplements we offer are aimed at helping our clients achieve their health and weight loss goals.

Walk your Way into Fitness with JNS Beauty & Nutrition

Feel the Difference, Experience the joy!

Out of 64.8 million people that are just too busy with work or struggling hard to maintain a well balanced social life, not many have stopped to think about following a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle!

There are truly no boundaries to what you will be able to achieve on your incredible journey through life as long as it is supported by a healthy body that functions at its optimal level. So, instead of taking it as a life jolt, think of it as the first step towards taking your vehicle for a tune up. Once you are successfully through it, you can by all means expect to feel healthier, optimistic, energized and, beautiful inside out.

We offer helpful solutions for your needs. In order to get more information on the comprehensive range of products or to get expert advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We are just a click away!