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Reviva labs

Reviva Labs is one of the most unique all-natural skin-care brands in the Cosmetic industry. Reviva Labs aims to bring its consumers skin treatments that produce visible results, with products which are safe and priced reasonably. Their skin – salon experience spans over 40 years, which helps them to offer its consumers helpful skin-care advice and information for the wide variety of individual skin problems or needs.

Since its foundation in 1973, Reviva Labs has introduced many groundbreaking concepts, including:

  • With their product European LIGHT SKIN PEEL, they were explaining the importance of exfoliation years before the American cosmetics giants introduced their versions.
  • They introduced Elastin in skin-care and food supplement
  • They have followed ‘No animal testing!’ concept ever since its conception(1973)


Each product from Reviva's broad array is formulated for a specific purpose. Besides, there are several products where they have pioneered the beauty and health food industry. Among these are INTERCELL DAY CREAM & NIGHT GEL (with hyaluronic acid & glycogen), Collagen fibre masks, Glycolic acid products, Serum for eyelids, Oxygen-via stabilized hydrogen peroxide, Stabilized Ascorbic acid & Ascorbigen ("C" extract from cabbage for powerful anti-free radical action)

Reviva was known as "The U.N. of skin-care discoveries". Reviva Labs has introduced more skin-care firsts through America's skin salons and health food stores, than most of the cosmetic giants.